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~Trying To Get Him Alone~

Hello! I'm Rin Kagamine, fourteen years old and I'm in my first year at Crypton High. My life is pretty much perfect. I come from a wealthy family, have great friends, good grades, a big brother who always looks out for me and all the oranges I could possibly want. Who could want more? Well, I do! Please don't think I'm greedy for saying that! I'm not usually like this, I swear.

It's just there's something I've had my eye on for awhile now. No, it's not the latest video game. (I'm a big gamer). Not the trophy for the school's talent show coming up. (I'm gonna win that easy peasy with my singing anyway). Not the big, orange flavoured, chocolate heart that sits on the window of a shop I pass everyday on the way to school. (Mind you, it does look tasty).

No, this something is actually a someone, a person, my friend, a him, a him with a blond hair and aqua eyes. Yuparoonie! I want Len Kagamine. I'm not if sure you could tell but I have the slightest crush on him. He's just so cute, really friendly, funny and…those eyes. THOSE EYES! I melt every time I stare into them. I know we're destined for each other. We have the same last names for the chicken's sake! What chicken? Don't ask.

However, I have not yet got Len Kagamine. I'm not scared of confessing, I'm super confident! It's just, whenever I find the perfect time to tell him, one of our stupid friends butt in and ruin the moment. I'm usually in a mood for the next day when that happens. The only one who knows about my crush is Teto, my mad, magenta best friend. She gives me tips on how to confess just right since she reads all those girly magazines. I prefer to skip those.

Ugh! But it's taking forever! I've been trying to confess for four months! Life is so hard. Right, I'm determined to get it done tomorrow. I will do whatever it takes and I'm not gonna let anyone stop me! *Insert dramatic pose* You'll see, Len Kagamine. We'll be together soon! I promise!


I'm trudging my way to school with my friends Teto, Kaito, Neru, Mikuo, Miku and Len. Ah Len… The sound of his name lights a fire in my heart, shows me the path to happiness, activates the love in my-

"So Rin, what are you planning on doing for the book report?" asks Kaito. I wanted to beat the crap out of him for waking me up from Len land.

"The report? I'll just say the book was great and I recommend it to others," I groan and puff out my cheeks. Actually, I'm quite smart but I tend not to bother with books. I just wait for the movies.

"That's lazy, Rin," Miku comments.

"Too right," agrees Mikuo. Ha! He's only just agreeing cause it's obvious he likes Miku. Everyone knows…except Miku. She's got quite a thick head, that one.

"You should work harder if you want to get far in life," I hear someone say and I turn around to snap at them.

"Oh really? Then why don't you-"

I feel my cheeks heat up when I see the startled expression on Len's face. "Oh, ha ha! Sorry!" I apologize and start to walk again. I hear Teto 'Tut Tut' at me so I glare at her. I hate Teto sometimes, I really do.

I get to class and it is just sooo boring since Len is only in my music class and I'm stuck in maths. Music's the only subject I don't fall asleep in. I'm as bored as a board! Wait…are boards boring? I guess cardboard is quite boring but then again, if you were a surfboard… Gah, I loose focus so easily! The bell finally rings and it's lunch time.

I bump into Teto as I exit the classroom and she whispers, "Are we going to try again?"

"You bet! Len-kun shall belong to me!" I giggle with an evil grin.

First we go to the cafeteria for food. I sit down at our regular table, pull out my bento and start gobbling down my food. Everything seems to be normal. Mikuo's flirting with Miku while she's completely ignoring him. Neru's so into her phone that I swear she's in another world entirely. Kaito is hopefully glancing at her but I doubt she even knows he's there.

The only person not here is Len since he usually buys his food. Teto and I discuss yet again exactly what I'm going to say and what to do. The plan is for Teto to distract everyone so I can turn to Len, say, "I love you," kiss him, whatever. Len finally arrives and sits down, completely unaware of what's going on and takes out a book. That's something else about Len, he's super clever! I've always dreamt of him tutoring me, his warm body so close to mine, focusing on nothing but me and- FOCUS RIN, FOCUS!

Teto walks over to Kaito and whispers something into his ear. He looks horrified but if you don't do what Teto says then she'll get angry. An angry Teto is a terrifying Teto. Kaito leans over to Neru, gulps and quickly snatches her phone off her.

"Eh? What the hell Kaito? G-give it back!" orders Neru, her eyes wide with surprise.

Kaito just mutters, "I'm sorry." He then runs out of the cafeteria with the phone with a very flustered Neru chasing after him.

Teto then walks over to Mikuo and whispers something into his ear. I try to hold in my laughter when I see the look on his face. He blushes bright red and says, "Are you sure girls like that?"

Teto grins happily and replies, "Of course they do! I should know, I'm a girl!"

Mikuo gulps rather like Kaito did and nervously holds out his hand towards Miku. Poor, poor Mikuo. He did exactly what he was told and touched an unsuspecting Miku in a very private place.

"KYAA! MIKUO YOU PERVERT!" screams Miku and slapps him hard across the face. Mikuo falls to the ground and Miku stands up, towering over him. "You. Will. Pay," she says in a deathly tone. Mikuo jumps up and runs away, being chased by a very angry Miku. Teto winks at me and struts off to another table. Now's my chance!

I turn to Len who has been engrossed in his book the hole time. I lightly tap his arm and he looks up, smiling. His aqua eyes shine so brightly they almost blind me. Oh goodness, I can feel myself growing warm. He looks around, realising we were the only one's on the table and asks, "Where'd everyone go?"

I think fast because stupid me forgot about this part. "Uhh... Miku and Neru went to the toilet, Kaito and Mikuo got dragged off by Gakupo and his gang and Teto... just did a disappearing act!" I threw at him quickly.

He nods his head slowly and says, "Oh, ok then." He's about to turn back to his book when I tug his sleeve. "Yes?" he asks.

"I need to tell you something, Len." I take a deep, deep breath. "Len, I really li-"

"MAMA MIA SAVE OUR BACKSIDES!" a blue head and tealette yell from across the room. Behind them are two very angry girls. Len's attention turn to them and he burst out laughing. I groan loudly and slump back in my chair. Another chance ruined. Teto shrugs at me form the other side of the cafeteria and I bang my head on the table.

"Rin, are you ok?" asks Len as he turns back to me.

"Just orangey," I grumble. I sit up and grumpily continue with my lunch.


We've still got about quarter of an hour left before the next class so we decide to go outside. May as well, seeing as it's a really nice…day?

I stare up at the sky, jaw reaching the floor, and moan, "Aww, it was sunny this morning!" The others miserably nod as we gaze at the wide, wet world around us. It's raining cats and chickens! (I know, I have a weird obsession with chickens).

We are still in the doorway, not getting the slightest bit wet. However, I suddenly feel something jab my back and I'm pushed outside. I feel someone bump into me and find a surprised Len. Looking around, I see Teto grin, shut the doors, lock them and give me a thumbs up sign through the glass.

Teto! Why you little treacherous, pick haired moron! As soon as I get back inside I swear I'll- hang on. Me + Len + sealed off from annoying friends = confession! What do you know? I guess I'm good at math after all!

I giggle upon realisation and mouth a 'thank you' to Teto. I turn to Len, but then think twice and look back at the group. Miku and Kaito are talking to Teto, probably curious about why she locked us out while Neru and Mikuo are just suspiciously staring at us.

"Uh, Rin?" asks Len. I jump at his voice, this being the first tome he's spoken since we left the cafeteria. "Were kinda getting soaked at the moment." I look down at my clothes and laugh nervously. I'm completely drenched. "Let's head around to the entrance near Geography. We can kill Teto later," he laughs and gestures for me to come. Ah, great minds think alike, I see.

I nod happily, poke my tongue out at the others and we begin to walk to Geography. It's at least five minutes running there and we'd be soaked either way so we decide to just go at a steady pace. Just as well, I need to get a conversation going. There's no one around so I haven't lost hope…yet.

I look over at Len. He's got his hands behind his head and looks in heaven. "Enjoying the weather?" I ask with a grin, only then realising how dumb I actually sounded.

"Suppose. I quite like the rain," is all he says.

"Hm, well I'm more of a sunny girl," I say, trying to perk it up again.

"Yeah, I've always seen you as a bright person."


"Yep. You've always got a goofy grin on your face."

"So my grin's goofy now is it?"

"I meant whenever I see you I just want to smile," he replies and chuckles at my probably as red as a strawberry face.

"You know, there's something I've been meaning to tell you," I say with uncertainty in my voice. I look at Len to find he's looking right back with those aquamarine pools, waiting for me to continue. I see how well the rain makes his clothes hug his body in all the right places, how cute he looks with his hair in his face and how hot he- BAD! RIN BAD! "I…um…"




W-what just happened? Everything flashed by so quickly I'm not quite sure what's going on. The first thing I notice is that my eyes are closed. The second is that I can no longer feel my feet on the ground. The third is that scared shivers are running up and down my spine. However, the fourth is that something firm, yet soft and comfortable is holding on to me.

I slowly open my eyes and I'm met with a sight so bloomin' embarrassing I want to cry. I'm in Len's arms. And out of all the positions possible, he happens to me holding me bridal style. "What the-?"


"Eek!" Without thinking I fling my arms around Len's neck and bury face into his chest. Three words: I HATE THUNDER. I don't know why, but it's been a recurring fear since I was little. It's too loud and shakes me up. It's horrible

"Uh, Rin? You ok?" asks Len awkwardly.

"Sure, I'm fandabbydozy. Why'd you ask?" I say, my voice slightly muffled.

"It's ok. You're aloud to be scared of thunder, you know." Another boom shortly followed by a crackle fill my ears once again and I merely reply with a whimper. "Come on," he sighs. He hoists me up and begins walking again, carefully carrying me.

Even though the thunder's scaring me, I can't help but to grin into Len's chest. I may not have confessed yet, but this is definitely the next best thing! "Oh, and Rin? Don't worry, I wont tell anyone about this."

I look up and his dripping wet face and smile, luckly to have it returned. He stares into my eyes, once again, and something clicks. Could this be the right time? The right moment to confess all of my feeling that have built up over so long?

"About what I was saying earlier," I begin and he nods his head. "You know, I really, really-"


"Idiot! She's talking so she must be alive."

"Why's Len holding her like that?"

"Aww, this is so cute! I'll have to take a pic of this and text it to everyo- mmph!"

"Quiet you stupid phone addict! You guys are ruining everything!"

Len and I look towards the doorway we were heading to and to our dismay, discover it is crowded with the imbeciles we call our friends. We get to the doors, Len lowers me down and he says, "No, Rin didn't die. She slipped in a puddle and hurt her foot so I carried her." He turns to me and adds, "But you're alright now, right Rin?"

"Huh? Oh, right! Yeah, I'm fine now," I say and smile at everyone, trying my hardest not to go into murder mode. The bell rings, signalling the end of lunch and I sigh, "Come on, let's go."


"Ok, since it didn't go well during lunch, why don't we try again in class?" asks Teto as we walk to our next class.

"Oh, yeah! We have music, right? Great!" I grin and put a skip in my step.

We walk into the music room and Luka beckons us to sit down. I really like Luka, our music teacher. She's so kind and lets us call her by her first name! She's the only teacher in the school that everyone doesn't hate.

"Rin? Len? I don't think I'm going to bother asking why you're soaking wet," Luka chuckles and shakes her head.

"Sorry, Luka," Len and I say sheepishly but Luka just rolls her eyes and shoos us to our seats.

"Today we're simply carrying on with practising our singing skills," she explains. "Last lesson, we sang a song toether, but this time it's group work."

Score! I have a great plan brewing in my mind!

"Some of you will be put into groups and others will sing alone depending on how good your singing skills are. I've picked so listen out for your names. Teto, Gumi and Neru will be in a group. Piko and Kaito will sing a duet. I want Len to sing by himself. Miki, Mayu and Nero to be in a group. Miku and Mikuo to sing a duet…"

I hear a groan from Miku upon hearing that. Like me, this just isn't her day.

I ignore everything else Luka says until, "And finally, Rin to sing by herself. Pick a song, any song, preferably one you already know off by heart and practise it for 20 minutes. Then present your songs to the class. Chop chop, then!" She shoos us away and we go to practise.

Everything is going according to plan. I am by myself! So is Len! How you ask is my plan going to work? I'm going to sing my practise to Len, insisting it's to give me tips. Still confused? My song shall be I Like You, I Love You. I can't wait!

I follow Len into the corner of the room and when he turns around he looks surprised to see me. "Rin? I thought we were both singing separately," questions Len.

"We are, I just want you to see if my voice sounds alright! You can be like a judge!" That sounded a lot cooler in my head.

"Uhh… Ok then," he says, looking slightly embarrassed.

I open my mouth and begin, "He-he-he-he hey, could you wait a minute…"

I carry on as he observes me. I've always been told I've got a nice singing voice. However, now that I'm singing in front of Len, I'm so nervous! He seems to be enjoying it though. His feet are tapping along, so I'm glad. As soon as it gets to the end, I'm gonna glomp him to death just to prove it's true! But what of I scare him? Ah, I'm sure it'll be fine.

I get to the part of the song which is really confusing but fun to sing, the part where I'm singing gibberish! "I wish that I could say it, sorry, I, wait a minute, I just want to, um, err I wish, hey, um," I gibber. It's so fun! However, it is getting close to the last part and I can feel my knees shaking. Where has all my confidence gone?

Here we go…the last line…the line that can change everything.

"I like, I lo-"

"OW MIKUO THAT WAS MY FOOT!" cries a voice.


Resisting the urge to scream, I spin around to see Miku hopping around, clutching her foot. Her face is scrunched up in pain. Mikuo is standing next to her looking terrified. "I told you we shouldn't have done a dance as well!"

Mikuo looks almost close to tears. "Miku, I'm sorry! I just wanted to please you and, well I…" he mutters. Miku gives him a death glare and he stumbles backwards, into poor old Neru.

"Ack!" she cries and they both topple over onto the floor in a heap. Miku sighs, stops hopping and holds her hand out to the boy. "Uh, what about me?" grumbles Neru, still sprawled out on the ground.

Mikuo gladly accepts and is hoisted up. Only Miku did it quite violently and Mikuo falls, once again, but this time he goes down with Miku. I shut my eyes tightly, not wanting to see what will happen next.

I hear Len gasp next to me and when I look at him, I can see his face is bight red. "What?" I ask but he merely points a shaky finger in the direction of the teals. I look around and my eyes grow wide.

Miku's. Skirt. Has. Shifted. Up. And. Mikuo. Is. Staring. At. Her. Green. Underwear.



Len, Luka and I take cover behind a piano and before we know it, a full on fight brakes loose. Objects from as small as sharpeners to as big as text books are being flung around the room. Everyone's throwing something, or attacking someone. I turn my head to Luka and Len who look like they don't have a clue what to do.

I boldly stand up to find Kaito hitting Teto on the nose while she's stealing Gumi's goggles, Neru using her long, sleek ponytail as a whip on people, Miki choking Piko and Miku literally trying to murder Mikuo. She's got a green, plastic chair held above her head. Miku's going to smash Mikuo's head in!

"Stop. Miku!" I yell.

"What?" She flings her body around, but to only accidentally let go of the chair she was holding. The last thing I see is a bright, green object hurtling towards me, someone who I think is Len yelling, "Rin, look out!" and then everything goes black.


"Ugh, what the hell happened?" I groan, opening my eyes. I feel like death. I appear to be lying down on something. A bed perhaps?

"You got smashed in the face with a chair, is what happened," says a voice. My vision is still a bit blurry but when I turn my head, I can still make out those bright, aqua orbs. Even though I have a migraine, I'm still getting a fuzzy feeling since Len's here. "You're lucky you don't have a concussion."

"Len? Why are you here?" I ask.

"Oh, so you'd prefer it if I wasn't here?"

"NO! Ugh, I mean, wouldn't you rather be in class?"

"Uh, not with you in this condition."

My eyes widen and I begin to see him more clearly. Is he…Is he blushing? "What do you mean?"

"Look, I was just worried about you, ok?" he snaps while looking down. "Sorry for being concerned."

I face palmed, which was a bad idea with my bruised forehead. It appears I have bandages wrapped around my head. "Ow…"

"Rin, you nutter," Len sighs and reaches out a hand to stroke my cheek. I try to control myself but I feel my face instantly heat up, probably turning crimson. "Miku feels terrible, you know."

"It was just and accident. Could've been worse, she could've cracked my skull" I say and close my eyes again. I let out a long sigh. "Where are we anyway?"

"The nurse's office. The one who wears those weird cat ears."

"The middle aged otaku?"

"That's the one! She let me stay here with you. I had to literally beg her and…" Len trails off and blushes beetroot red, realising what he just said and his hand retreats from my cheek. My heartbeat quickens as I suddenly understand how much Len wanted to watch over me.


"LookRinIreallylikeyouandI'vebeentryingtoconfessformonthsnowbutI'vebeentochickentoodoitsoyeah!" he blabbers so quickly that I only understand the words chicken and confess. What is it with me and chickens? I guess it's cause their so fluffy and funny to do an impression of and- wait. Confess?! Does that mean?

"What did you say?" I ask, eyes narrowing.

Len takes a deep breath and repeats, "Look, Rin, I really like you and I've been trying to confess for months now but I've been too chicken to do it so, yeah!" He shuts his eyes tightly.

"NO! WHY?!" I scream and kick my legs about. What, what, WHAT? After all this time? But it was me! I've been the one trying to confess! Grr, life really picks on you sometimes.

"So I'm guessing you don't like me back, huh?" he says, sadness hanging onto his tone.



"You don't understand! I've been the one trying to confess. Remember in the cafeteria? How 'bout when I wanted to tell you something out in the storm? I was singing 'I Like You, I Love You' for goodness' sake! And it's not just today. I've been attempting for months!" I exclaim.


"Four months, one week and five days to be exact."

"So, y-you like me back?"


"Then why are you making such a fuss?"

"I-" I stop myself when I notice Len's right. I'm being a right old fusspot and don't have an excuse. "M-my head's hurting," I say sheepishly.

"Well," says Len, all embarrassment leaving his face and being replaced with a smirk. He comes over to the bed, sits on it next to me, grabs my hands and says, "I think I might be able to make it feel better."

"Hn?" I whimper, clearly knowing what was about to happen. I watch, half excited, half terrified as Len begins to lean down, closing his shining eyes. This is my first kiss and, well…I DON'T KNOW HOW TO KISS! I mean, sure I've practiced on my teddy bear, Tadahiko, multiple times (bless his woolly heart) but I really don't have a clue.

Len's now so close I can feel his breath on my lips. Ah, what the heck? May as well try! I shut my eyes, tilt my chin up slightly and gently wrap my arms around his neck. Our lips are about a millimetre away from each others'. We really are going to kiss!


"Uh…are we interrupting something?"

Len and I freeze and look towards the doorway. There's the nurse with her cat ears, Kaito with a cut lip, Neru with a chunk of her hair missing, Teto with a bloodstained nose, Mikuo with a black eye and an unharmed Miku apart from her guilty expression.

"Yes, you are interrupting something!" I finally get the courage to say.

Great, so we finally confess and THIS happens? Don't tell me I'm going to have to wait another four months just to kiss the guy! Ugh, my life sucks sometimes! I blame the chickens, I really do.
I... I seriously think I was high on coke or sugar when I wrote this....:iconotlplz: Chickens?! Seriously?! I amuse myself looking at my past work. XD
Rin's personality is...interesting in this one. Not many fanfics have her with this personality. I kinda like this Rin :D I hope you enjoyed X3

*AHEM* I've decided that I'm going to post all of my multi-chapter on here. (I know I said I wouldn't, but I changed my mind >.<) They're not going to be uploaded immediately, and when I do they aren't going to be all at once. They'll be pretty spaced out. Oh, and when I'd write new chapters, I would post it on FF first and on DA maybe about 3-5 days later :)

EDIT: Everyone is commenting about the chickens :iconchickenplz: It's so funny XD
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