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I'm so tired. It'd been a very long day. You see, my friends decided it was confessing day today and everyone confessed to their crushes at the same time. However, they did not know the others were confessing too. I know this is confusing, I mean, even now I'm still in a pickle. I've heard of a love triangle but never a love square!

I opened the door to the room Len and I shared. Len's my brother. Well, he isn't my real brother cause his dad and my mum got married when we were seven. It was kind of creepy when we met though because we were almost identical and we're often mistaken for twins. Since we got along so well and Len's father really needed the extra room in the house for his work we had to share a room. It wasn't that bad because we had a curtain to divide the room in two for privacy.

I collapsed on my bed sighing. I lay there for a few minutes trying to weave my mind through today's events but I was so confused! I really needed to un-confuse myself so I wandered over to my desk, sat down and drew out the problem. This is how the whole thing went:

Miku likes Dell. Dell likes Neru. Neru likes Oliver. Oliver likes Miku.

Thankfully Len and I didn't like anyone! Or so I thought…

Doodling like this didn't really help, so I decided to take a bath to ease my mind. I went into the private bathroom Len and I shared. As I was running the water I heard voices downstairs. "Oh, it's Len!" I thought, excited my brother was home.

I undressed and then heard another voice. It belonged to someone and that someone was Kaito, Len's best friend. Darn, why's he always around? Then my heart stopped when I realised they had entered Len's room, which was next door to the bathroom. Oh and did I mention? The door didn't have a lock! I didn't want them to see me naked!

Quick as quick I jumped into the bath. "H…h…HOT!" I tried to scream but it came out as a whisper. I sprung back out again. I'd forgot to run the cold water. When it was finally ready I lowered myself in, concealing my body in the bubbles. I then listened to what Len and Kaito were saying. I know, I'm nosey.

"Good, Rin's not in here," said Len. Boy, was he wrong!

"So Len, why did you call me over in such a hurry?" asked Kaito.

"There was something I wanted to tell you," replied Len.

"So, what is it?"

"Well, since we've known each other for a while and I really do trust you now and all... I can't keep it secret, I have to tell! I wanted to confess something."

'Oh no, he isn't,' I thought to myself.

"I'm listening, go on."

"Kaito, I'm in love with-,"

"NO!" I screamed.

From the shock I'd put my hands over my ears, which was a mistake. With nothing to support me any more my head went under the hot water and I panicked. Again, a mistake, for I tried to breathe and let in a lot of water. My arms and legs were flapping about wildly as I tried to find the surface but couldn't. (Looking back, I feel stupid since the surface is always up).

Through the water, I heard the bathroom door open and Kaito yell, "Len! Your sister's drowning in here!"

"WHAT THE HELL? RIN?!" shouted Len and before I knew it I felt myself being pulled up.

I took a deep breath and choked a bit. When I was done coughing I looked at the two boys. Kaito was still by the door and Len was kneeling next to the bath on the floor. Their faces were bright red. It took me a moment to work out why but when I realised, I went crimson. I'd sat up too far and my top half was completely exposed.

"KYAAAAAAAA!" I squealed and my head disappeared under the bubbles once more. History repeated itself as I felt myself being pulled up again.

"Please stop trying to drown yourself," said the still red faced Len. I glared at him, making sure that only my head was visible with the rest hiding under the bubbles. An innocent (well, sort of) fourteen year old girl shouldn't be going through all this.

"Uh, I think I'll be going now. Len you can tell me what you had to say at school," mumbled Kaito and he ran out of the bathroom. Len was still kneeling next to me.



"Would you PLEASE get out?" I suddenly shrieked at him.

Len went flying backwards and hit his head on the floor. He sat up with a pained expression. "Yeah, sorry," he grumbled as he walked out rubbing his head.

I waited a few minutes, just to be safe, and hopped out of the bath. Damn, that was so embarrassing! And did Len just confess his love for K…Kai…Kaito? I started to feel dizzy as I went to the bathroom cupboard to fetch a towel and before I knew it, I'd stepped on the same foot twice.


"Rin are you alright?! I'll come i-"

"Don't you DARE come back in!"

It went silent after that. I stood up and rubbed my knees and elbows. It hurts a lot more when you fall without clothes on! I grabbed two towels, wrapped one around my body and the other around my hair. Taking a deep breath, I slowly walked out of the bathroom.

Len was lying face down on his bed. I decided not to disturb whatever he was doing and shut the curtain that divided our room. I sighed as I rubbed my hair to dry it. After that I cautiously removed the towel from my body and dashed to my wardrobe to find something to wear. I picked out a long sleeved, orange top with white shorts. I then brushed my messy, short hair and added the big, white bow I love to wear. My hair was still damp but I couldn't be bothered to dry it. I guessed it was time to face Len. I pulled back the curtain and…there was Len. He standing a couple of inches away from me.

"Eeep!" I squeaked from shock.

"What?" he asked.

"Baka. Don't scare me like that!"

"Erm, sorry, err, again," he said looking embarrassed. We stayed silent for a moment until he said, "So, how did you slip? You know, in the bath?"

I felt my cheeks heat up. "Ummm. I was shocked when I sorta overheard something."

"What?! Tell me Rin, what did you overhear?!" he panicked, shaking my shoulders. So it was true.

"Just that you were about to confess your love," I smirked, trying to sound cool. It failed.

"Oh, so you know then?" he muttered while looking at the floor. Strands of hair his short ponytail had abandoned covered his eyes. He looked like he was about to cry.

"Ack! No! Len! I didn't mean to upset you! It's just I've never experienced this before and, well, I don't really know how to react to you liking Kaito in that way and-." In the middle of me yapping at him he put his index finder on my lips.

"Did you just say I liked Kaito in a certain way?" he asked still not making eye contact.

"Uh, yeah." Before I could say anything else he burst out laughing. He let go of my shoulders and clutched his ribs as he sank to the floor. Ok, did I miss something?

"Now your baka," he said between laughs.


"Sure I like Kaito, but just as my friend. And since he's such a good friend, I decided to let him in on one of my secrets. I'm in love with someone else twerp!"

Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. CRAP!

Len stood back up, still wearing that goofy grin. I wanted to apologise but all that came out was, "I, um, we, it, Len I'm, ack, baka, please I, DAMN!"

Len chuckled once more and said, "Never mind Rin, we all make mistakes."

I went scarlet. But then I realised something and grinned deviously. "You say we all make mistakes, well, you just made one. So who is it you love?"

The look on Len's face clearly read, "Poop." He twiddled his thumbs and looked down again. "Come on! Bring it at me!" Why did I say that…

Suddenly there was something warm and soft on my lips. Len was there, and Len was kissing me. I tried to say, "What the hell Len?"" But it came out as, "Ot e ell en?!"

But Len didn't stop. He snaked an arm round my waist and placed the other on the back of my head. He pulled me even closer to him than I was before. I was still too stunned to reply and I could tell Len was starting to get upset. I didn't want to hurt him again so I slowly pressed my lips against his. They fitted perfectly.

After I'd done that I realised that I actually liked this feeling and kissed him eagerly. Why was I doing this? I'd never felt romantically about him before but now…this was a whole other story. We carried this on for a while until we realised we would probably pass out if we went any longer without air.

We pulled away and Len smiled at me, obviously satisfied. I put my fingers on my lips and gasped. That was my first bloomin' kiss. And it wasn't any old first bloomin' kiss. It was a first bloomin' kiss stolen by my step bloomin' brother.

"My first kiss…" I muttered.

"I know, mine too," he grinned. What? His first bloomin' time too? But he was such a good bloomin' - Ok, I think I've overused the word bloomin'. Ahem. But he was such a good kisser! I looked at him with a shocked expression. "Fine, I confess. I like you, a lot!" Len confessed.

"But, but, but….. KYAAAAAAAA!" I squealed for the second time today.

"Come on Rin, you know you liked it."

"Did not!"

"Well if you didn't like it then why'd you kiss back, eh?"

Damn. "That's not the point!"

"It so is! Come on, confess."

"There's nothing to confess for."

"Confess, confess, confess!" Len was practically singing. He gave me his big, blue, puppy dog eyes. He looked adorable, so adorable.

"Alright, alright, I confess. I like you too!" I put my hands over my mouth upon realising what had just come out of it.

"Awww, I knew it Rin-chan. Come give your Len-kun a hug!" he giggled with outstretched arms. He only ever uses honorifics when he teases me.

"No thank you," I said politely.

"Please? How about another kiss too?"

"Never!" I yelled in a jokingly way and ran out of the room.

The rest of the evening was mostly spent with Len chasing me around the house trying to get another kiss. I'm quite the runner and Len didn't catch me once. But by bed time I was exhausted from all the running. We got into our pyjamas and before we got into bed he pleaded, "Kiss goodnight? Please!"

"Fine," I gave in. I was too tired to argue and he looked really cute in his yellow, chequered pyjamas. I walked over to him, cupped his cheeks and gave him a sweet kiss goodnight. That romantic feeling flowed through me again as he held onto my hands so they wouldn't let go of him. I finally broke the kiss and trotted over to my bed in a daze.

When we were in bed I said, "Len, there sure have been a lot of confessions today eh?"

He gave me that goofy grin again. "There sure have Rin. There sure have."
Well, if anyone reads my fanficions on then they will already know about this. I have a Kagamine one shot series called Bows and Bananas. I decided I'd post it on deviantart too just... because. I don't really know why. But I'm only going to transfer Bows and Bananas onto deviantart. If you want to read my multi chapter stories, you'll have to read them on There are links in my profile.

I'll post more from Bows and Bananas soon! :iconrinlenglompplz:
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